Elak is a small architectural office that creates spaces for the future with a focus on sustainable well-being. With a professional degree in Architecture and Urban Planning and multidisciplinary approaches through studies in consciousness and the brain, environmental psychology, behavioral design, and with a master in fine arts, with a focus on architecture and urban planning, scientific research and artistic exploration are united to design narratives and projects that can lead the experiencer to integrate a larger part of the environment's well-being into their own well-being.
Livepodd NEST
Kvarteret Utopia 2023
Innovation Workshop
Expression Express 2023
> Architecture in everyday life for sustainable wellbeing
> Urban- and Neighborhood planning for sustainable wellbeing
> New concepts in public spaces for sustainable wellbeing
> Artistic friction in infrastructures for sustainable wellbeing
Vulnerability, zoning and development for sustainable wellbeing
Product design for sustainable wellbeing
Foto Lyktstolpe
Design Talents Formex 2023
Creative innovators
Summer eXpression 2022