Would you like me to come and lecture on ELAK's approach to sustainable well-being at your school or company? Are you interested in learning how to implement sustainable well-being in architecture, urban planning, or product design?
SESSION 1: Sustainable Well-being
[Topics covered in the first session; Global Goals, Agenda 2030, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, Mindfulness-based presence, Architectural sustainability principles, sustainable well-being]
WORKSHOP 1: Identify a problem and behavior
SESSION 2: Behavior Change through Sustainable-wellbeing design
[Topics covered in the second session; How do we create behavior change through community-based design, How do we design for sustainable wellbeing in community-based environments, What does sustainable wellbeing look like in architecture (critique of current approaches and possible alternative approaches. Ongoing research)]
WORKSHOP 2: Design for Sustainable Well-being
[Design a behavior change for the problem defined in workshop 1]
END DISCUSSION: Final Discussion and Questions