Through stories, knowledge, understanding, and hope we are all connected. To find ways to make people secure and connected to the same story is of essence for a working society. Safety and openness to both loved ones and strangers are elements that need to be incorporated when building new residential areas, implementing new apartment buildings alongside existing homes, or when we try to redevelop neighborhoods.
When planning homes, it's crucial to make room for everyday activities. By filtering these activities between the private and public spaces, we can create space for meaningful moments for ourselves and with others.
By understanding our behaviors, habits, the place we are in, and the environment that surrounds us, ELAK's goal is to create apartment buildings, environments, and zones where both loved ones and strangers can feel a sense of belonging to each other, be open to new ideas, and take an interest in each other's well-being. By creating shared spaces where we can grow together, we become stronger than our individual parts.
The significance of knowing that a city is only as strong as its weakest cannot be emphasized enough. Understanding this creates an opportunity to realize that someone who may initially appear to be the weakest can become the solution for a magnificent development of an entire city. Prioritizing crisis areas is about comprehending how we are all interconnected. Equality shapes brave and empathetic individuals and allows the larger society to flourish. 
Don´t hesitate to contact ELAK if you want to learn more, discuss or collaborate in your project!
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