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The organization consists of me, Emelie Aktanius. I am an architect MSA with a professional degree in architecture as well as an artistic master's degree specializing in architecture and urban planning. I also have additional university education in, Consciousness and the Brain, Environmental Psychology and Behavioral DesignDesign, Architecture, and Swedish Society a historical as well as project management. Elak has a contract with Umeå University allowing me to work as an Adjunct Lecturer at the School of Architecture at Umeå University. There, I work in the master studio: Man-made geographies, from planetary to molecular, and in Urban Planning for bachelor students. In my teaching and my work in Elak, I strive to find a critical reflection of the human experience through the built/unbuilt environment. A trans-scalar and multidisciplinary approach has deepened my understanding of how the built environment affects our subjective experience and how our individual experiences collectively shape the environment we share. Which shapes a significant analysis of how conscious design can promote sustainable well-being at all scales – for the benefit of individuals, society, and the planet.