"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." This is the guiding sustainable development principle. However, wise philosophers remind us that history is being written right now, and it is in this moment that we are shaping the possibilities of the future. It's not just about our needs now and their needs later; we are defining the parameters of their needs. When we prepare for the future as described in the global goals and Agenda 2030, we must remember that we are also shaping the future people and their future needs. Sustainable development, therefore, needs to be considered from the outset when defining our needs, not just by making our unsustainable needs more sustainable, to not create effects that last to the future.
"Sustainable Wellbeing" is a concept that I have begun to define, based on the intersection of subjective experience, architecture, and urban planning. It refers to a state where we acknowledge that our own experiences are interconnected with those of others and the environment, promoting personal well-being within a holistic sustainable framework.
As philosopher Richard Lang observed, just as we require our lungs to breathe, we also require the air and its constituent molecules. Our perception of this interconnectedness varies with our perspective. From a first-person viewpoint, we are distinctly "here," but as we zoom out, we discover connections to our family, community, and sometimes even the planet—this is our existence "there." Conversely, when we zoom in, we find ourselves composed of cells, molecules, and eventually empty space, much like the objects around us. Defining "you" at this scale becomes even more complex. These diverse perspectives of zooming in and out illustrate our interconnectedness, even from our individual viewpoints.
"Sustainable Wellbeing" allows for everyday design solutions that nurture new sustainable values, habits, and behaviors, promoting well-being and increased awareness and a desire for behavior change in line with sustainability.
I am currently seeking research-based positions, projects, and collaborations in FoU (Forskning och Utveckling, Research and Development). If you or your company have a project aligned with ELAK's philosophy of sustainable well-being, or if you belong to a company interested in exploring opportunities or learning more about sustainable well-being, I am actively looking for ways to drive innovative sustainable development forward.
For more information, don't hesitate to contact me!
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